Elementary Choir 

Elementary choir is an elective class that meets 2 times per week.  The purpose of this choir is to help the students gain an appreciation for music, learning parts, and preparing to sing before an audience.

 JH Choir

Junior High General Music is required for all students enrolled in grades 7 and 8.  Music class will meet 2 days per week.  In this class the student will be studying music theory, music appreciation, and the proper techniques of singing.  Although performing will not be the main emphasis of this class the group will perform twice a year for the Christmas and the Spring Spectacular Program.  All students will be expected to be in attendance at these performances.

 SH Choir

The senior high concert choir is an option for all students enrolled in 9th-12th grades. Choir meets two days a week and will perform for several major events.  In this class the student will be studying music theory, music appreciation, and the proper techniques of singing.  Attendance at each is required.

 Ensemble (The Sounds of Wixom)

The ensemble is the most proficient group of vocal musicians at Wixom Christian School The group is made up of 12-16 students enrolled in 9th-12th grade.  In order to participate in this group you must be a member of the Sr. High Concert Choir.  Auditions are held the first week of school by the music faculty. The ensemble performs more than any other music group throughout the year.


 Elementary Band

The purpose of the Elementary band is to teach our students a love for reading and performing music that will last a lifetime. Students are introduced to the band instruments in fifth grade and are taught the requisite skills for higher levels of band performance for future musical enjoyment and success.


HS Band

The HS Band is a concert band that builds upon the musical foundations learned through the beginning band programs. Musical growth and excellence through band literature and performance opportunities is stressed.  Preparing these students for individual and group ministry in their local church is of utmost importance.


 Piano lessons

  • Open to grades 1st – 12th
  • Taught with Christian emphasis on music selection and themes
  • Conveniently offered during school hours as an extracurricular course
  • Affordable yearly fee of $250 for lessons and books
  • All materials ordered through school at teacher’s discount to keep yearly fee at a minimum
  • Opportunities for public performance through informal and formal recitals
  • Limited number of openings filled on “first come” basis**

 Voice lessons

  • Conveniently offered during school hours
  • Yearly fee of $250 for all sessions and books
  • Experienced instructor
  • Limited number of openings
  • Opportunities for public performance


The WCS drama program is multi-faceted and provides students of all ages with opportunities to develop their God-given ability to communicate through speaking.

Drama meets weekly and emphasizes effective communication skills and introduces students to a variety of oral performance literature. Basic and advanced elements of oral interpretation and acting are taught. Students gain mastery of course objectives through individual and group instruction in the classroom setting. Public performance opportunities such as plays and contests provide invaluable performance experience. Every spring, the students have the opportunity to participate in a major dramatic production.

You can see last year’s dramatic production here!

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